Adverputt sponsorship is now permanently closed.


  • What is Adverputt?

Adverputt is a casual mini-golf advergame in the form of an executive toy to engage visitors with YOUR brand in a fun and tactile way!

The concept embraces hyper-commercialism as an aesthetic.  It was inspired by the fusion of design & promotion in heavily branded racing sports and a reaction to ugly ad ridden websites.


  • A few useful stats about ‘Advergaming’…

Online gaming is the fastest growing side of the games industry.  According to NPD online gaming has grown 10 percent since 2009. Online gaming increased to an average of eight hours per week in the 2010 study, up from 7.3 hours in 2009. NPD’s study indicates that of the gamer population, 54 percent said they play games online.  (source:


  • Can I have one of these on my site?

That’s exactly what Microputt was designed for, and its free!